Props and rotors

Hungarian Hercules

100 x 70

oil on canvas

Lokheed C-130



100 x 70

oil on canvas

Lokheed C-130 Hercules

Riverside run

120x70 oil on canvas


The Danubian Messerschmitt

140x70 oil on board

This painting was made for the commission of the director of the Danubian Aircraft Company. It illustrates the first product of the Company, the Hungarian built Me-210. In the background the Danube and the Csepel Island can be seen, with the runway of the factory. This is Lóránt Dóczy’s machine, which was shot down after a double victory on 13 April 1944.

The Old Puma

110x65 oil on board

Commander Aladár Heppes’ victory over Russia. Later he become the commander of the Puma regiment.

Resting Puma

120x70 oil on board

A Hungarian Me-109G, in the summer of 1944.

Hawks high up

Hungarian Reggiane Re-2000

70x50 oil on canvas

The airlpane of Istvan Horthy. He was our vice gouvenor, and crashed in 1942 in.

Pearl Harbor

150x110 oil on canvas

 A Zero with the damaged Arizona and a formation of three Kate bombers.

Memphis Belle

150x110 oil on canvas

The B-17 and it’s famous crew before the 25th mission.

Gaberski at the Beach

100x100 oil on canvas

P-47’s in Normandy.

Storming the Atlantic wall

60x60 oil on canvas

 Four P-51’s on the D-day.

Sunny Hind

120x70 oil on board

Mi-24 Hind

Over the ruins of Csesznek Castle

123x84 oil on board



100 x 100cm oil on canvas


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