The heroic age

The last ride

50 x 40 oil an canvas

The aircraft of Manfred von Richthofen. The Fokker DrI. from the WW1.

Success for the first time.

80 x 60cm  oil on canvas

Oliver and Wilbur Wright’s machine.

Fantastic Flyer

120x70cm oil on canvas

The aeroplane of Louis Bleriot. He made a tour in Europe and he also showed his machine in Budapest and in my hometown, Sopron.

Pointilist Taube

50 x 40 oil on canvas

Etrich Taube

Houdini Voisin

120 x 70 olil on canvas


Miracle machine

120x70cm oil on canvas

An American Pioneer

Pair of KD’s

30x20cm oil on board

Brandenburg KD of the Austrian-Hungarian AF


100x70cm oil on canvas

One of the first American aircrafts after the WW1. The designer was the French captain Le Pere, the engine was the famous Liberty with the first General Electric product, the GE turbocharger.An altitude world record was made in 1921.

The painting is the property of the GE Hungary Corp.


50x70cm oil on board

The Brandenburg KD of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. KD - “keine draht” means wireless wings. The Hungarian aces like Janos Kiss often used this type.


60x50cm oil on canvas

The Fokker D VII of the WWI ace.

The bird that made revival

80x60cm oil on canvas

The Bücker Jungman, which regenerated the Hungarian Air Foce after the WW2 in 1948. 

Tiger Moth

60x50cm  oil on canvas

This famous training aircraft was also used by Earl Almássy.

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