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Why don't you order a painting of your favorite airplane?
I can paint you the desired type or scene in the size you would like it. It's easier to commission a painting than you might think!

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Hawks high up

Hungarian Reggiane Re-2000

70x50cm (27,5x19,5 inch) oil on canvas

The airlpane of Istvan Horthy. He was our vice gouvenor, and crashed in 1942 in.

Resting Puma

120x70cm (47x19,5 inch) oil on canvas/board

A Hungarian Me-109G, in the summer of 1944.

Tiger with sharkteeth


140x70cm (55x27.5 inch)

oil on canvas

Couple of Farmers

140 x 80cm oil on board

A formation of Mig-19 PMs.

Hungarian Parrot

120x80cm (47x 28 inch)

oil on canvas

A colourful Mig-21U of the Hungarian Air Force

Towards the last rendezvous

100x100cm  (39x39 inch)  oil on board

The No.14 Mig-23UM of the HAF flying towards the tragical collision with a Su-22 on the night of 15.09.1995.

Fokker 70

110x70cm (43x27,5 inch)

oil on board

Houdini Voisin

120 x 70 olil on canvas

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