When I found a part of an aircraft by fluke I never hasitated to take it home with me. It could be tiny or huge I am always happy with a new relic. Later if I have time I try to find a function for the parts. So they can be practical parts of the household.

Titanium Mirror

Made of the cockpit frame of a Mig-19 .

This dressing table has itís name from the rich titanium content of the frame. With the release-handle now we can switch the light on. I am a bit sad that I have found the frame already without the fibreglas, but my wife is happy with it as it is.


I have set up the tail stabilizer of a MI-8 helicopter and now I keep my videotapes between itís frames.

Ejection armchair

The only thing that I changed is that I have connected the mechanisation of a revolving chair with the seat of a Mig-21 PF.


You can also see my Turbine Clock on the wall.

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