Mascher Aeronautica series

These work of art figure the world of heroic aviation. The compositions are made of several materials such as metal, timber and textile. Some are mobile compositions. Their size varies from 3 to 6meters, and therefore they need free space. You can find my works of this series in large halls, and shopping malls.

Treadle Bird

One of mankind’s major dream was to fly. My work figures the project of machines driven by human power. The pilot drives the prop with the help of an invisible electric motor.

Miskolc 2000.

Pioneer of Pécs

One of my most detailed monoplanes.

Pécs 1999.

Free rider

In the style of the 20’s aero-acrobats. The pilot tries to take his seat in his runaway machine.

Kaposvár 2000.


A simple plastic art for a simple place.

Szeged 2000.


Two planes try to catch each other. They never succeed, as they are fixed to one common bar. So they are flying round and round in the hall till the end of time.

Kecskemét 1998.

Tin Bird

An open-air plastic art.

Kecskemét 1998

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