Photos of my life

In my drawings airplanes have been my favourite subjects since my childhood. A watercolour of mine about the Korean war whwn I was 12.

Me on a Mig-19 of the Technical Park of my town, Sopron, 1976.

I won a prize at a design competition for students in1987.

My work was a collapsable easel.


Me at the age of 10 with my mother and sister, my F-101 Voodoo drawing.

I painted this self-portraitet for the entrance examination for the Academy in 1987.

With the famous Hungarian aircraft designer, Ernő Rubik senior, on a design conference, 1991.

Making an interview with Bertalan Farkas, the only Hungarian astronaut, in his old Mig-21.

Since 1993 I have had good connections in the Danubian Aircraft Company, where I can meet my subjects, helicopters and fighters under construction.

In 1998 I met the Hungarian and German WW2 aces at my exhibition in Veszprém.

Anywhere I travel, I am always looking for the art history. Washington: Lindbergh’s and Yaeger’s planes.

I also make aircraft models, sometimes I use them as models at painting. I never use airbrush on my pictures, but only on the plastic models.

I always wanted to learn to fly, but my hometown was too close to Austria, to the iron-curtain. So there was no airfield in the neighbourhood. Later I moved to Budapest, where I was instructed in gliding at the Csepel Aeroclub in 1993-94.

I flew with the R-26 Gobe, designed by Mr Rubik.

Since 1999 my painting series can be seen in the Business Lounges of the Budapest International Airport, Ferihegy 2A and 2B.

Visiting the Puma fighter squardon in Kecskemét.

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