Design studies

I have made my diploma project in 1993 at the Academy of Applied Arts in Budapest. It was the construction and design of a hang-gliders three-man trike.

It is based on an existing two-men gondola. I had to design the three man structure and the fiberglass body. I presented the documentation and a scale model. Since they have been using three men trikes in Italy.

For the proper shaping of the body I made experiments in the wind tunel of the Technical University’s Hydrodynamical Institute.

My red model helped me to decide if I needed a wind spoiler or not and to design the correct  passenger hole contures.

Binocular study, 1992.

Waterproof and unbreakable closed box body.

Dining tray, 1991.

 The stands can be turned under the platter.The angle is trimable on the arch of the red stands. For an example for reading in bed.

Collapsible step-ladder study. 1992

1:10 scale model

My MA diploma project was the design of a wooden playground built up from elements, 1996.

It has an airplane shape of curse...


Elastic watch studies

There is a soft metal plate in the middle of the plastic body. 

The clockwork is in the rigid middle section.

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